Pool Covers

Old solid covers are not only an eye sore, they can be a serious safety hazard too.  After only a few rainfalls, the old cover becomes a dangerous mess.  However, with a new Loop Loc safety cover, one can drastically change the look of their backyard during the fall and winter months.  These covers, which can hold the weight of Bubbles the elephant, are much safer for a family that has young children or pets roaming around their property.

The Loop Loc safety covers are anchored directly into the deck surrounding your pool.  This eliminates the need for messy and unsightly water tubes.  Also, opening and closing times are drastically reduced because the water passes through the cover, but the dirt and debris is kept out.

For a shaped pool, a cover may be custom made so it is a perfect fit for your pool.   Covers for a standard shaped pool are readily available.  Also available is the Loop Loc Baby-Loc, a removable mesh fence that surrounds a pool to keep young kids and animals out during the summer months.

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